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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Gnome Hat & Beard

Hey there Jammers, it's Cosmic here, and I'm happy to say that we're getting posts on Tuesdays -- Creatureluver123 is signing up to be an author! She will provide you with blogger tips, how exciting is that? Anyways, today's new item is the Gnome Hat And Beard in Jam Mart Clothing.

Anyways, this item looks a little bit weird in my opinion, but maybe because it's not on an animal model. I just thought of an idea -- what if Animal Jam had models of all the animals so we can decide if we want an animal or not, and so that we can see their actions!? Anyways, sorry I'm so hyper, my friend might be coming over and she hasn't come over since summer, and I only see her during 2nd, 5th (lunch), 6th, 7th, and 8th periods in school (we're in the same House).

Anyways, I dislike this PicMonkey update and today's installment is Sunday Commission Coupons. Why do I dislike ("hate" is too strong of a word for this situation) the new PicMonkey update? The flatten button (Which I use to combine backgrounds & large images to the background) is on the new layers palette so I have to click more. AND.. overlays like banners & Sparkle Stars can no longer go behind text unless you fade the overlay and it annoys me.

Anyways, back onto the topic of Sunday Commission Coupons. Click the link below for a free commission! And a peek at my Animal Jam toys.. Because me, Princessbg, and another friend of mine were talking about them.

Anyways, here's the coupon -- granting you a free and advanced Google+/Blogger/YouTube profile picture! No tip necessary.

And, here's how to redeem it (I tried not to rage while holding shift and dragging to resize):

  1. Go to the CosmicEdits Commissions page.
  2. Open the abandoned Commissions Prices document and scroll down to the custom profile pictures section.
  3. Using this page, copy the link that the link brought you to, and paste it into a normal order form on the CosmicEdits Commissions page.
Anyways, here's my Animal Jam toy collection!

Haha, you even get a peek at my iPad and my dad's Fallout bobblehead.. But anyways, that's my Animal Jam toy collection! (By the way, the poster from the magnet back is the under the sea one!) My first ever Animal Jam toy was the Ultra Rare Peacock -- the pet in the green house. I got the pig from the magnet pack, and the rabbit with the Sir Penguin. The green ring comes with the panda. If you see anything you want IRL and you don't know what the code gives you, tell me and I'll tell you the item/currency! (By the way, the magnet pack gives Gems..)

Anyways, that's about it!

Ciao, and Comet On!



  1. wow! You have a lovely collection of these animal jam products. Where are these available? Tell me the codes of these products so that I would be able to buy for this selection.


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