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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ibex Horns

Hey there Jammers, it's Cosmic here, and today's returning item is, wait -- what? Ibex horns! I stand corrected -- Ibex Horns! My little raccoon named Fabulous Icymonkey (due to a naming glitch that happened with lots of my animals), who was meant to be named Fabulous Icyraccoon, tried them on -- we bought them, of course -- and she realized that she liked her Steampunk Monocle the best (Fun fact: I bought all of her items on the same day as making that outfit!).

We also have the Pet Haunted House in Epic Wonders' blue orb -- the den orb.

Anyways, today's installment is Sunday Commission Coupons!

Welcome back! Here's the coupon.

And, here's how to redeem it.

  1. Go to the CosmicEdits Commissions page
  2. Open the abandoned Commissions Prices document and scroll down to the headers section
  3. Using this page, copy the link that the link brought you to, and paste it into a normal order form on the CosmicEdits Commissions page.
Anyways, that's about it!

Ciao, and Comet On!

(HEY! Want to enter an art contest? Click here!)


  1. what the heck is that intro to your post

    "returning item is, wait -- what? Ibex horns! I stand corrected -- Ibex Horns!"

    I am confused

    Please explain or make your thesis better?



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